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Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday  | DaJewel.com

Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday 

Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday  DaJewel.com

Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday, the accessories are very important parts of any look.

Sometimes, one detail makes all the difference. We know, it’s a cliché, but, if you don’t believe it, do the following test: produce yourself the best you can, and then remove all the accessories you had put on to complement the look. Do you understand what we mean?

Women’s fashion accessories have that power. How many times do we keep fighting with the mirror, repeating tests and more tests of clothes, until the choice of a single object, apparently banal, leaves everything in its proper place? One detail and it all makes sense, after all.

It works for that basic look that, otherwise, would be just a little inspired montage, as well as for the stunning gala dress, which was even more beautiful after she got the company of the right earrings and necklaces.

In other words: do not underestimate the power of these notable little ones. So that you never commit this recklessness, below we will show you everything you need to know about the scarf as an accessory.


The scarf is an accessory that has been present in the fashion world for centuries. Dating from Roman times, the piece arose from the adaptation of wet clothes that were used around the neck to cool off on the hottest days, called “Focales”. Over the years, several adaptations have appeared and the previous purpose of the accessory has been completely changed, being more commonly used to warm the neck on the coldest days.

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Scarf: a light and powerful style trick

Look, the scarf is made with light fabrics and the most used are silk or satin, which combine very well with more chic looks. Cotton ones are great for a more casual style.

The scarf is a very timeless piece, that is, it never goes out of style! Very versatile it can be styled in several ways, thus pleasing different tastes and styles! This accessory transforms any look instantly, in addition to giving a stylish and sophisticated touch.

Currently, they are versatile, timeless pieces and have several purposes, from functional to decorative. We selected below 7 different ways to apply the accessory to expand the possibilities of use in your daily looks :

Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - In the Neck

In the neck

Wearing scarves around the neck is the classic and common way. There are several ways to use it: tied around the neck with a knot, wrapped in several loops, or just supported. Whatever its shape, it gives a stylish and elegant touch to any look!

This mode is very timeless and can be used in any season! In winter offering protection for the neck and during summer giving a different touch to production!


Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - How to BeltHow to Belt

Using the scarf as a belt is a trick that transforms any look! It can leave a basic look of jeans in something sophisticated and very stylish. Its function in this case is only accessory and not functional. In street style productions, the scarf appears next to the boyfriend and skinny pants, in addition to the shirt. This is a sure-fire, error-free combination!




Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - In the purseIn the purse

The scarf tying trick is perfect for giving up on that bag that you are already sick of and left in your wardrobe. By combining both accessories, the bag is transformed and gains a new look!

Give preference to the printed and colored models of scarf and bags in a neutral color, thus creating a contrast in the pieces, and both gain prominence. There are several ways to style the piece: as a handle (creating a new detail in the bag), wrapping around the handle and ending with a knot, the classic shape of the bow on the side or tied to the flap (if it is large) in a bow. There are several options, just find the one that best suits your style and taste!


Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - In the hairIn the hair

The scarf in the hair is a resource that won many fans during the hot summer days, in looks for beach and after the beach, but, in the last year, it started to appear also in autumn and winter productions. The tactic transforms any look and gives it a feminine, romantic, and very delicate touch!

As in the purse and neck, there are several ways to tie the scarf in the hair, for example: in half-tied hairstyles, like a headband, bandana, or even as a detail in buns, braids, and ponytails. There are infinite possibilities that suit any style and length of hair, making it suitable for everyone!


Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - As PashminaAs pashmina

Pashmina, on the other hand, is a blanket, specific for winter. It is long and wider exactly to protect from the cold. It is also usually made on heavier and warmer fabrics. She composes superbly with dark and neutral clothes.

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Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - On the wristOn the wrist

And for the most daring and creative, it is also worth trying the scarves on the wrist. It is super different, an extra charm in its production. If you are under 25 then you must think that this scarf fashion imitating bracelet on the wrist is a bold version of the vintage look. But in fact, it was also a trend in the 80s and 90s.

At the time, it was common for these scarves to be accompanied by metal bracelets, to give a more rocky touch. Today, the scarves on the wrist are colorful, in looks mixed with more delicate bracelets and in large bows.


Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Styling Everyday - Like a BlouseLike Blouse

Using the scarf as a blouse is a very stylish fashion trick, but it restricts the possible models, which in this case would be just the square. Also, not everyone can use it, which makes the tactic not very popular.

Even with this restriction, there are several ways and styles to use the scarf as part of your look. It can be like a strapless cropped top with a bow on the front or even attached on the back, a halter top tied around the neck…. There are several possible possibilities, just use your creativity!

For those who are afraid of making mistakes when choosing looks with scarves, it is good to know that this fashion does not require much to be perfect with all types of clothes. Those were the tips on how to use the looks with scarves; the scarf around your neck, in your purse, or the good old scarf in your hair. 

Scarves are very versatile accessories that can help enhance your looks and make them even more amazing and stylish! Have you tried incorporating the accessory in your production? What’s your favorite way to use it? Tell us in the comments!



Rana, R. (2020). 7 Ways To Wear Scarves As Accessories.

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