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Jewelry Collections

Jewelry Collections DaJewel.com

Dajewel Jewelry Collections, Jewelry has always played an important role in everyday clothing. Nowadays, many brands offer collections that suit all occasions and your budget.

A piece of jewelry is an identity detail; sometimes the jewelry says a lot more about the person and regardless of its size, or its quality.
Of course, the jewel does not only have a role of identity representation. A necklace or a brooch will enhance a neckline, a dazzling ring or a shiny bracelet will have a sensual touch, earrings will sublimate a face, jewelry can highlight the body and the woman as a whole.

Top 6 basic jewelry

Just as every woman needs a pair of beige pumps, a little black dress, a white blouse, and perfectly fitting jeans, so basic jewelry is a must in her collections.

Jewelry Collections - Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

“A girl’s best friend is diamonds.” This is unquestionably a win-win situation; their inexhaustible appeal is a must-have for any full set. The gem will bring a noble gleam without drawing too much attention to itself.
Diamond stud earrings are probably the most versatile piece of jewelry on the list, as they can be worn anywhere and at any time – in the morning, evening, at work, at school, or at a gala event.

The earrings are perfect companions for other jewelry because of their beauty and simplicity.

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Jewelry Collections - Pearl-encrusted Jewelry

Pearl-encrusted Jewelry

Pearl accessories are called classic jewelry because they often appear sleek and elegant.

Pearls, unlike diamonds, are much more affordable, particularly freshwater pearls, and they can now rival the beauty of their marine relatives.

When looking for jewelry, look for the same stud earrings: pearl studs, like diamond studs, can go with every outfit and are unlikely to go out of style.

Keep in mind that the decoration does not extend beyond the bowls; it should be neutral in appearance and scale.

Surprisingly, the pearl shade you choose is unimportant; you have total independence because the natural palette allows it.

Jewelry Collections - The Bracelet

The Bracelet

A bracelet is a less often worn decoration than, say, earrings or rings. And it’s all for naught. This wristband is a great way to show off your personality.

Bracelets may be worn alone or in combination to suit your mood; there is no such thing as having too many.

However, when it comes to the basic set, we suggest sticking to plain, minimalistic choices that are made of precious metals – gold or silver – and are free of inserts and unusual details. The width of the bracelet is directly proportional to the size of the wrist: graceful options are appropriate for those with a narrow wrist, whereas a medium choice is appropriate for those with a broad wrist.

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Jewelry Collections - Cocktail Ring

Cocktail ring

A cocktail ring is a daring necklace that features a precious or semi-precious stone as its key feature.

During the prohibition era in the 1920s, such rings became common. The owner seemed to be announcing that no prohibitions would preclude her from having a good time at a cocktail party by putting up such a display.

Although Prohibition is no longer in effect, fashionistas all over the world are willing to wear this accessory today.

Because of the jewelry’s size, pairing it with other rings may be unnecessary.

To put it another way, if you intend to wear a cocktail ring, you should forget about the rest.



A delicate and elegant classic pendant on a thin gold or silver chain is also appropriate for daily wear. Put on a business suit or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and you’ll notice that the jewelry looks great with both.

Classic versions of laconic forms and restrained architecture are appropriate for the basic set. It appears that selecting such a product is the simplest choice.

However, this is not the case.

You should choose an accessory that not only complements your appearance but also expresses your individuality. This is the crux of the issue.

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Classic Watches

Classic watches

A watch is no longer just a timepiece; it is now a true fashion statement that can reveal a lot about its wearer and her status.

A metal bracelet or a leather strap is popular on classic watches. Metal bracelets may be made of silver, gold, or steel, for example, and watches made of mixed metals are also available.

The leather strap doesn’t need to be black or brown. We recommend that you look for watches with interchangeable straps. The kit contains straps in a variety of vibrant colors in addition to standard shades.

Classic watches may be encrusted with precious stones to give them a lustrous sheen, but their style is characterized by laconicism and restraint in general.
You will get the most out of such a watch.

Jewelry goes a long way in beautifying the look and appearance. Hence find out why you shouldn’t do without jewelry in your everyday life.

Get a finish that is both elegant and trendy

When you opt for either earrings, a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet, you can be sure to bring an elegant and trendy finish to your outfit. Indeed, to perfectly
complement an outfit, carefully chosen jewelry is necessary. But, since it is a little touch to add to your outfit, it is important to choose a DaJewel accessory that you are comfortable with. You need to make sure to change your jewelry to suit the occasion. For a chic party, for example, it is necessary to wear quite elegant jewelry made if possible with precious stones and quality materials.

Bring a touch of color and assert your personality

If jewelry plays such an important role in the clothing of many women, it is because it is the perfect element to assert your personality. Indeed, the choice of your accessories is generally made according to your tastes. Open women, for example, tend to look to the whole collection of costume jewelry while strict ones go for leather. To assert yourself, nothing better than perfectly chosen jewelry. In all cases, jewelry brings color to your outfit because of the multiple colors and material alloys available. You are free to choose the right tone to perfectly match a look. To avoid errors of taste, color shades are a perfectly judicious choice.

3 main rules

► Choose elegant, laconic products with simple shapes. A circle, oval, or square always looks stylish and elegant to the right degree.
► Basic jewelry should be made only of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum.
► Don’t skimp on quality. Jewelry is an accessory that you will wear for any season.
Don’t feel beholden to these core styles once you’ve mastered them. As your tastes shift, your style will eventually change as well. Take daily stock of what you’re wearing—and what’s gathering dust—and begin editing, upgrading, and refreshing your wardrobe as needed. The best part about having a jewelry collection is being able to wear it, so make sure your pieces always match your style.

Enjoy the modern creations of DaJewel’s classic inspiration!

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