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Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men | DaJewel.com

Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men

Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men Da Jewel

Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men: Gold has widely been known to be a popular metal, specifically for jewelry purposes. This phenomenon isn’t one of the recent ages, but it dates as far as Georgian and Victorian eras. It was then known as the ‘king’ in jewelry; and rightly so, as it is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. It is also surprisingly durable, and therefore, extremely resistant to corrosion. There’s no reason that something this sturdy should be gender-specific, as a royal metal like gold is fit for anyone that has a flair for extravagance. Why must it only be reserved for women? After all, jewelry is meant for anyone that is able to afford it. Kanye, Justin Bieber and Diddy are just a few of the men that exemplify this.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by a field that boasts a plethora of styling options, so here are a few techniques to get you started.

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A Few Ways to Style Gold Accessories
Similar combinations
If accessorizing gold is an alien concept to you and you’re just a beginner, start with the basics. Play it safe by combining two similar items and you’ll be looking fresh. An exciting mix of pieces would be the 9 Carat Gold Long Open Dc Curb Chain with the 19 cm Yellow Gold Bevelled Curb Chain Bracelet. Not only do they complement each other, but they have your whole outfit come together neatly. Another interesting pair would be the 9 Carat Gold Box Chain with the Yellow Gold Singapore Rope Chain Bracelet. These pieces go together like black and white. They’ll have you looking polished without anything going too over the top.

Let your Chain take the Stage
Some Dos:
If you’re not a fan of bracelets, walk the other direction. Let your piece take the center stage, with an all-black outfit. Black jeans with a black top, with your chain taking the limelight. An excellent choice for this ensemble would be the 9 Carat Gold Fancy Antique Chain. Since you’re only going with one, let your jewelry do the talking for you. Add a thrilling twist by adding a charm accentuates your chain, such as the Horseshoe Charm. The 18 mm x 13 mm dimension of it enhances the chain without stealing any of the attention.
If you’re not a fan of black, don’t stress. Lighter colors such as white, pink and the varying shades of nude balance the shiny gold. The colors give a subtle nod to the heavy pieces, without contesting for attention.

Don’t play too hard with the colors, gold is one metal that likes the light it draws. Colors such as a blaring red and yellow would clash with it. Neon colors are also a no-no, you don’t want to turn the whole look funky. Go with neutrals or play it safe with black, you’ll keep the grace intact. Don’t overdo it with too many pieces either, you’ll throw off a mismatched and confused impression to onlookers.

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Go Bold Or Go Home
If you’re of the few that are audaciously bold, don all three items. Dare to create a unique look with the 9 Carat Gold Box Chain teamed up with the Crocodile Charm, measuring a taunting 22 mm x 14mm. Tie it all together with the 19 cm Yellow Gold Bevelled Curb Chain Bracelet. Another selection of pieces without the charm would be of thicker chains for maximum attention, such as the 50 cm Yellow Gold Bevelled Curb Chain Necklace. Rock it up with the 21 cm Yellow Gold Bevelled Curb Chain Bracelet. You’re guaranteed to not go unnoticed.

Minimalistic Effect
You’re the shy, meek part of the group, and you don’t want anything that makes you stand out. A simple 50 cm Yellow Gold Figaro Chain Necklace would be just the fit for you. Remember, less is more.

Meaningful Jewelry
Not everyone wears jewelry for fashion, and some people have much deeper sentiments attached to ornaments. Charms are known to bring luck, some even associate magical powers to them. For this reason, the Good Luck Cat Charm, and Lucky Elephant Charm can be matched with a multitude of bracelets to fulfill your purpose behind wearing such jewelry. If you believe in astrology, an extensive choice of charms await you. Let your star sign introduce you to the world, with a bracelet or even a chain of your liking. If you’re a deep believer of Christ and the miracles he’s brought to the world, holiday charms such as the Christmas Tree Charm, Reindeer Charm, or even a Christmas Bell Charm would represent you with the authenticity you long for.

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