We Use Cookies To Help Better Your Shopping Experience

The cookie policy applies to every shop, store or website that is owned by Da jewel. You can choose whether or not to accept the use of cookies while you are on the website for a hunt of the perfect piece of accessory. Website, especially those related to the Shopping industry i.e. clothes and jewelry use cookies all over the world to make sure that each and every one of their customers are being attended to and that their shopping experience is one of great fun and is optimal in the extreme. And that is exactly what we here at Da Jewel want to do for you.

What Are Cookies?

Before you accept or reject the use of cookies, it is better to understand the technological lingo word, ‘Cookie’ and what exactly it means. A cookie is not the yummy dessert that comes to mind at first but it is actually a string of text or a small file of letter and numbers that we, the website would store on the hard drive of your computer. This allows us to predict and understand your preferences, likes and dislikes, hence give you a more optimal jewelry shopping experience. Other than that cookies also help us improve the website and make it more personalized for each user. After all, the customer is always right and what you need comes above everything else.

How Do Cookies Improve Shopping Experience?

There are a few simple ways that Cookies help the shopping experience;

  • Speed Up Researches: If you accept the use of cookies and they are now stored on your hard drive, they are learning and sending to us valuable information about what you need from us. This helps us predict the kind of product you might want or need at a given and so you won’t have to spend your time searching up the right word for the kind of jewelry you want or even scroll through the beautiful yet unnecessary products in your way.
  • Recognition: Cookies help us recognize that you are a returning customer and we immediately go about making sure that you become a loyal one. This means that as soon as you log on, you will be shown to all the new products, deals or offs that might be going on.
  • Privacy: Reading up on cookies some people might think that they are like spies and that does not paint a very pretty picture of the usage of cookies. You, the customer should rest assured that no personal information is being carried elsewhere via the cookies. After all, privacy is a very important human concept and should not on any account be trespassed upon.


How Are Cookies Used?

Now that we understand how cookies improve the shopping experience for you, it is necessary to understand what they actually do, and also how they are absolutely not tracking or sending any personal information to other places that you do not want that information to be.

Cookies are used for:

  • Analysis purposes: One of the first things a Cookie used for is analytical purposes. While you are on the site, cookies track your movements to see what kind of product you are most interested in, how long you stay at a particular section of the store, which section and products are you most interested in, which ones do you ignore entirely and so on. Other than helping us personalize the site it also helps us tell our jewelry manufacturers which products are more popular among the masses than others.
  • Language And Personalization Purposes: Another way that cookies help us by asking the customer to log in their nationality so that the site can be open to you in your own tongue rather than a foreign language. It also helps by reading up User preferences and goes a long way into making your searches more convenient.
  • Target Marketing Purposes: There are many websites that use third party partners, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market their products. As you know cookies log in your preferences and they help us advertise your favored products on the social media websites that you use. These advertisements are meaningful and interesting to you as each ad is personalized according to a User’s preferences.
  • Security Purposes: Cookies are also used to protect the website from harm and theft including those of a cyber-nature. Cookies can detect anyone logging on to the website anonymously or otherwise and immediately alert the security department as to what is going on, they also help protect any information that you might have saved on their servers, for e.g., your address, phone number, name, etc.

What Is The Best Way To Manage Cookies?

  • Reliable websites like Da Jewel always make sure that their customers are made aware of what is going on. That is why each customer is always asked and made aware of the fact that we are using Cookies to improve your experience. This is why a customer is allowed to accept or reject the use of cookies. If you wish to be notified whenever you received a Cookie or you don’t want cookies on your hard drive at all, you can simply delete them or manage them so that all unnecessary Cookies are made redundant. If you have never done this before, don’t worry as all you need to do is follow the instruction given to you on deleting cookies by your browser manufacturer or your mobile device documentation.

Look For Updates

  • Websites as successful as Da Jewel are continually updating their privacy policies so make sure that you look at the updates that are being done. We will always provide you with a notification when an update has been done and you can easily read up on them via the website. Cookies are an essential part of having an optimal experience in shopping and now that you know exactly how we use them, we hope that you are more comfortable with the idea of them.