Circle Earrings – What’s So Special About Them?

Circle Earrings – What’s So Special About Them? Da Jewel

What Are Circle Earrings?
Circle earrings are one of the finest stud earrings that you can add to your elegant jewelry collection. While there is a wide variety of earrings that you can wear on different events and occasions, there’s no other type of earrings that can beat the beauty and elegance of these tiny, yet a graceful set of stunning earrings. The most interesting part about these earrings is that they go with any type of attire (formal/informal) and are super affordable with very high-quality. Although the base of these earrings is a shape of a circle, you can still get a wide variety of designs and adornments in them that you will find so lovely and attractive to wear every day. If you would like to wear circle earrings that make you feel your best and confident at work or meetups every day, then keep on reading ahead to find why they are so special and how you can style them with your outfits.

Why Are Circle Earrings Considered So Special?

The reason why we are calling circle earrings special is that they are so rare and delicate that anyone who lays their eyes on them would fall in love with them instantly. This is the reason why so many of us want to get more piercings in our ears and wear as many stud earrings as we can and decorate ourselves with these tiny and beautiful pairs of earrings. You can get a whole lot of different colors, like white, yellow, silver, gold and even rose-gold earrings which are trending in jewelry fashion right now.

The best part about these lovely earrings is that you can find a diamond (cubic zircon)circle earrings, beaded earrings and also earrings made of wood pieces and also marble prints that have beautiful abstract designs in them. In short, there are a plethora of options to choose from and add it to your daily wear of jewelry with your look of the day. Even if you don’t want to go out for work or parties, then you can also wear them at home and while you sleep as they are so tiny and barely irritate you when you sleep or rest your head against a pillow or the sofa. This means that you can wear these stud earrings 24/7 without having them to disturb you throughout the day and night and still let you feel groomed and presentable at all times.

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How Can You Style Circle Earrings with Your Outfits?
Now that you have hopefully made up your mind for buying these beautiful circle earrings, we bring you some useful tips for wearing these pretty stud earrings and feel beautiful all the time.

1. Wear circle earrings with your casual and formal look of the day:

The very first tip to wear circle earrings is to pair them up with your casual look of the day. This can either be at home in your PJs or you can also wear them randomly with a cute top and a pair of denim jeans and see how pretty they look with your street look. If you’re getting ready for the office, then you may wear a plain set of stud earrings with a blazer and pencil skirt and let the magic happen.

2. Keep your hair tucked behind your ears for the circle earrings to be noticed:

This is another important tip if you would like your best friends or colleagues to notice what earrings you’re wearing to the office or wherever you meet up with them. If you are planning on keeping your hair down loosely, then you can just tuck them behind your ears or you could put up your hair with a catcher to keep the side hair from covering your ears. This way they’ll be noticeable and you’ll be flooded with compliments throughout the day.

3. Tie your hair into a high ponytail or a messy bun:

The greatest of all tips, tying your hair up into a ponytail or a messy bun would allow your circle earrings to be fully visible and doing its thing. This look is our favorite which is why we highly recommend you try this, especially when you’re out with friends or to work to make yourself look as presentable and fashionable as possible. You can wear the plain stud earrings or even diamond zirconia ones if you have to go and attend a special meeting or event.

4. Try different braids in your hair that compliment your earrings:

There are tons of different braids that you can try in your hair for your earrings to look attractive. From Dutch to French braids you can style any and make your earrings pop.

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5. Buy a set of different sized circle earrings and wear them up to the cartilage of your ears:
This tip is for all those girls out there who have multiple ear piercings reaching up to the cartilage of the ears. You can get different sizes of circle earrings (Small, medium and large) and make it look like you have a thing for these stud earrings. If you don’t have many piercings in your ear, then don’t be upset and wear a pair of these and it will still do the job of making you look pretty.

So, Are these Circle Earrings Worth it?

Circle earrings are worth spending every penny. They are beautiful and look great with any look be it casual or formal. If you’re planning on buying these beautiful earrings and don’t know where to look for them, then keep calm and visit our website Dajewel.com and find yourself the most beautiful pair of circle earrings with high-quality and highly affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find stud earrings with diamond zirconia and tiny little shapes on the dome of the circle which looks quite attractive and just the perfect thing to wear at home or at work outside.

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